Stephanie Krimmel

Stephanie Krimmel explores concepts of time, scale and human experience in her work. Her work is born from practice; she makes it a habit to create every day. Currently she is creating a time-based series of digital paintings called the Daily Art Habit. In this series almost every painting is a continuation of the previous day’s work, and it currently spans over 1100 consecutive days’ practice. A single painting in the series can represent a time capsule of anywhere from one day to many months.

Inspiration for the work comes from the physical environment, her emotions and daily actions and events. Her process is driven by curiosity and exploration… what would happen if?

Before becoming a practicing artist, Stephanie’s career was in Web site development and UX, and this professional experience influenced her choice of artistic media. Most of her work is digital, and whether it’s digital painting, video or projections, the primary medium for all is light. 

Instagram: @dailyarthabit

No. 876, Better Days. Digital painting (2100×2100 pixels), representing a timeline of 61 days, 2020