The Uncertainty Principle

February 4 – 27, 2021

Open by appointment. Please contact individual artists (info below) or email

Sung I Chun, Stephanie Krimmel, Peggy Murphy and Sue Springer explore aspects of unpredictability, uncertainty and unease, issues made particularly pertinent through these months of isolation. In their group show, The Uncertainty Principle, painting, digital media, installation, and mixed media are used to speak the personal as well as existential challenges of the unknown and unknowable.

The unexpected arrival of this uncertain time is analogous to the reflected light on the water. We don’t know where and how it will go due to consistently changing surface and light. I was anxious of the endless dark but it allowed me a chance to look back and be consoled by the light on water.

  • Sung I Chun

My relationship with uncertainty has changed through my intentionally unintentional process of creating. I no longer fear the unknown. It represents possibilities to explore and space for growth.

  • Stephanie Krimmel

The fear and uncertainty surrounding the last few months set me on a course towards silencing my inner critic and simply embracing the act of image making as an expression of being fully human.

  • Peggy Murphy

Early 2020 I began the Corona Diaries series of daily works on paper in a journal format, combining paint, paper, glue, fabric, written word, found objects, scraps, news articles and bits from the internet to find a way to make sense of the shifting ground of the new normal. This series has become a deconstructed sculptural journal in a river of time. This work attempts to speak of the uncertainty as is everything else in this challenging world.

  • Sue Springer

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