Artist Statement

Making art in the intersection of fine art and craftwork, I manipulate, layer, and embroider salvaged fibers into abstractions of biology and thought form. I create sculptural, performative, and installation works about emotional relationships to biological and cultural narratives.

Recycled materials are central to my process and inform the themes I work with as an artist.  Fascinated by wear on the weave of used textiles, I treat aging and deterioration as a part of the creative process. Using needle and thread, I manipulate and sew the fiber into new forms. Making becomes a mending practice, a way to rework and renew ubiquitous materials into something unique and beautiful. The resulting pieces are environmentally responsive, organic, and biomorphic, utilizing the natural tendency of fabric to crease and flow.

My practice is rooted in the tension between how I identify with my body and by extension, how my body identifies with my environment and culture. The process of my stitch-making connects me to my familial and ancestral craft: the traditions passed down from my grandmothers as well the undercurrent of transgressions and trauma of colonialism and misogyny. My intuitive emotional compass, the trappings of my body, and the knotted webs of my ancestry are inherently a part of the tension of my making and the resulting work. As I acknowledge and work with these tensions that bind my body, deconstruction, crafting, and mending become an allegory for embodied practice, reconciling past with present and visualizing paths to new ways of being with myself and my environment.

amanda triplett

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Amanda Triplett Terra Incognito

Amanda Triplett Terra Incognito. SPOTLIGHT EXHIBITION 6/30/2023 - 9/10/2023

Amanda Triplett | nature nurture

March 2 — April 1, 2023

Seattle Art Fair | July 21-24, 2022

Visit Shift Gallery – Booth A08at the Seattle Art Fair: July 21-24, 2022Tickets at:

Amanda Triplett | Connective Resonance

January 6 - January 30, 2022