Artist Statement

The line, shape and hue of common household vessels—bowls, bottles and vases—are imprinted in my mind from a long career in interior design. As an artist I have employed these same qualities in printmaking as I once advised clients to do: with simplicity and restraint. My monotypes are intentionally spare compositions, in the same vein as well-curated interior spaces. Shapes stand alone or are joined with other companionable shapes. Lines are smooth, rough, tenuous or both—but never overplayed.

The Horse Sense series of prints are from my childhood memories as a horse owner and equestrian. The drawings and shapes can be seen as childlike but the compositions and colors are carefully considered.

Whatever my subject matter, I strive to make every line matter and every space count. I work reductively from the standpoint of potentially excess mark-making. I consider, shape and pare away forms until they are resolved as compositions undisturbed by visual noise.


Becky Street

Horse Sense I was horse crazy growing up in suburban St. Louis and the poignancy

Enough Said

Becky Street through June 29, 2019 Big Pink Vase, 20×15, Monoprint Peggy Murphy Line, shape