Artist Statement

Sue Springer’s ceramic sculptures reflect thoughts, experiences and particularly issues of the day.  Often, they come together in a series with a specific thread.  She creates quirky high fired ceramic sculptures from rolled slabs and textured forms. The sculptures, which are mostly figurative, celebrate color, whimsy and the freedom of unexpected combinations. ​ Dreams, imagination and wonder combine with a response to the current world to tell the stories of these figures. Currently the sculptures are an assemblage of forms stacked and balanced to create large figures.

Springer has said “I never know quite how the work will evolve, and am committed to allowing the figures to develop naturally and intuitively, often surprisingly”

Springer received an MFA from the University of Oregon in 1986 and continues to explore ceramic art through tilemaking, mosaic, public art and sculpture. Expanding the form and surface, creating unexpected combinations of edge, form and texture, continue to intrigue her as she works in her studio in Pioneer Square.