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Lynda Harwood-Swenson

Immune Most of this work was started before the duel crisis of the pandemic and

Karen Klee-Atlin, Barbara Shaiman, David Traylor – Theatrics Scene 3

Theater is a way of calling attention to important things, to better understand ourselves and

Colleen Maloney

Lessons Learned As a printmaker I’ve always looked for new challenges. My theme of finding

Robin Arnitz

There’s a podcast called Artist/Mother that I listen to on occasion. They had a call

Karen Klee-Atlin

Pond Surface My work in woodcuts, lino-cuts and monoprints represents eight years of printmaking as

Cynthia Hibbard

Whittling Summer seems the perfect time to perch on the back porch with a virgin

Jodi Waltier

Without Apparent Logic  

Becky Street

Horse Sense I was horse crazy growing up in suburban St. Louis and the poignancy

Anna Macrae

Victory Gardening I make work for the joy of it: messy imperfections and happenstance are

Stephanie Hargrave

ENTELECHIA SERIES: Works Executed during the Pandemic Made while sequestered in Brooklyn recently, these pieces

Line and Space

Indirect Course, Leah Gerrard and Sean Pearson, extended through May 2, 2020 Leah Gerrard’s new