Flora Ramirez-Bustamante


I am a Spanish born artist living in the Seattle area. I am a painter interested in the materiality and physicality of my artwork.  I have a vivid interest in the beauty of natural irregularity and the unintended and non-polarized asymmetric principles. For many years I explored expressionism in figure, rendering portraits of family and friends. De-construction is important to me: objects, writing, materials or human bodies acquire a new form completed with energy, space and gestures. Raw depictions are in the root of my abstraction process. How to combine opposites and how to challenge the equilibrium of so many ideas coming at the same time are in the root of my inspiration. Ambiguity. Lack of meaning. At the end all makes sense.

Website: http://www.floraramirez.com

Instagram: @floraramirezbustamante

Email: luludenia@hotmail.com

Dressed as a Building, Gesso, ink and vinyl paint on paper, 24×18 in, 2015, $600