Karey Kessler

Artist Statement

My paintings use the imagery of cartography to create a network of thoughts about the environment, the expanse of geologic time, and the vastness of the cosmos and the world.

These maps explore my different experiences of place: the external physical space of the environment around me, and also an internal experience of a more existential space (a subtle awareness of an intangible essence that flows between the more familiar structures of the visible world).

Creating maps, as opposed to representational cityscapes or landscapes, gives me the freedom to depict more than what can be seen. A dotted line can be the trace of passing time, the movement of the stars, or the lines and dashes in the middle of the road, depending on the label I put next to them.

I try to see the sacred in the mundane, to be present and full of awareness about the external world I live in and my internal world that remembers and forgets.

Email: karey.kessler@gmail.com
Phone: 206-518-7080
Website: www.kareykessler.com
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