Anne Marie Nequette | Sea Change

Sea Change: Selected Work

New work in Anne Marie Nequette’s Sea Change series continues her focus on the intersection of the most vulnerable and densely populated coastal cities across the globe with sea level rise.  The works in this collage series are named for the people living in the metropolitan areas most at risk for high population displacement, their population numbers, and the year it was last counted, emphasizing the undercount it often represents, i.e., ‘Guangzhou, China, 25 million in 2010’.

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Shangahi, China, 38.7 million in 2020 48” x 48” acrylic paint and collage on canvas 2020 $2500

Our focus must be on the Corona virus now, but let this remind us that climate change is a bigger threat.”

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  1. Stephanie says:

    What a meaningful display and explanation of your work! Thanks for the virtual art tour; I’m missing museum visits right now, and you filled a void in my heart. I hope you continue to “tour the cities” and bring us your insights—

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