Artist Statement

Cynthia Hibbard, a Shift member since 2013, is a multi-discipline artist with an emphasis on the abstract in painting and printmaking. She’s drawn to random views of the natural world, industrial landscapes, repurposed art and odd discoveries from her travels. Her work often seeks to weave found incongruities into relationships, patterning, narrative and surprise. Hibbard tends to work in small series and to build them into shows that are loosely connected in theme. With a background as a writer, she inclines towards constant re-working, editing and changing her story lines.

Cynthia ann hibbard

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Seattle Art Fair July 2023

Join Shift Gallery for the Seattle Art Fair at Lumen Field July 28-30, 2023.

Beth Tisthammer and Cynthia Hibbard | Out of Body

November 4 – November 27, 2021 Opening Reception: First Thursday, November 4, 5-8pm Beth Tisthammer

Cynthia Hibbard

Greening We all know that a Green picture is very disagreeable -advice on watercolor in

Cynthia Hibbard

Whittling Summer seems the perfect time to perch on the back porch with a virgin


Cynthia Hibbard through November 30, 2019 Peggy Murphy Beset by injury and surgery, Cynthia Hibbard