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Amanda C. Sweet

Intertidal Amanda C. Sweet takes a closer look at the intertidal zones of Puget Sound

Karen Klee-Atlin, Barbara Shaiman, David Traylor – Theatrics Scene 3

Theater is a way of calling attention to important things, to better understand ourselves and

Leah Gerrard & Sean Pearson – March 5-May 2, 2020

Indirect Course Indirect Course is a joint show featuring Shift Gallery member, Leah Gerrard and

Kara Mia Fenoglietto – February 6 – 29, 2020

Hope all is well. Opening: First Thursday, February 6, 5:00–8:00pm Gallery Hours: Fridays & Saturdays,

Peggy Murphy February 6 – 29, 2020

The Still Life Question Opening: First Thursday, February 6th, 5:00–8:00pm Shift Gallery Hours: Fridays &


Cynthia Hibbard through November 30, 2019 Peggy Murphy Beset by injury and surgery, Cynthia Hibbard

More Than Chairs

Jodi Waltier through November 2, 2019 Peggy Murphy Jodi Waltier is both teacher and student–a


Ken Barnes through November 2, 2019 Peggy Murphy Ken Barnes is a sculptor. The material

Simple Moments

Colleen Maloney through September 28, 2019 Peggy Murphy In a world of digital streaming, sound-bytes

Quiet Grandeur

Karen Klee-Atlin through September 28, 2019 Peggy Murphy In Karen Klee-Atlin’s show Granite Spit, process

The Necessity of Hope

Anne Marie Nequette through August 31, 2019 Alexandria 4.8 Million, 36×48 Peggy Murphy On August

The Art of Juggling

Robin Arnitz through August 31, 2019 Fitting Peggy Murphy Combining motherhood and an art practice


Stephanie Hargrave through July 27, 2019      Peggy Murphy Heavy dark encaustic panels, fluttering


Leah Gerrard through July 27, 2019 Peggy Murphy Leah Gerrard’s art is influenced by her